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Opening Today
at 07:00 PM Interlude x100
at 08:00 PM
GravelanD High Five x15
at 08:00 PM Interlude x1200
at 08:00 PM C5: Oath of Blood x15
Opening Tomorrow
at 08:00 PM Interlude x50000
Opening soon
Day after tomorrow
at 09:00 PM
l2new с Дополнениями GoD High Five x500
23 8월 2018 High Five x100
24 8월 2018 Interlude x1200
31 8월 2018 Classic x10
7 9월 2018 Gracia Epilogue x3
Is already opened
l2 ORIANI High Five x0
Yesterday Interlude x5
13 8월 2018 Interlude x10
11 8월 2018 Interlude x1200
11 8월 2018 High Five x888